Meet Davie Gowans

Before he visited the Amazon, cycled in Africa, sailed the Greek Islands, learned salsa in Cuba, backpacked around the Caribbean and Central America, and spent windswept days sailing his luxury yacht along turquoise coastlines and across emerald bays, Davie Gowans was a regular guy.
With big ideas.
A Glasgow, Scotland native, Davie has long been fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit, positive attitude, tenacious work ethic, and visionary thinking.
After studying engineering in college, he worked as an electrician before starting his own electric services company in 2005.
The business flourished under his leadership and within seven years, he grew his company from ground zero to £14M and 300 employees.
With honesty, trust, integrity, and transparency as guiding principles, Davie created a work environment that incentivized and rewarded outstanding employees. This, in turn, cultivated a workforce that exceeded expectations.
Davie’s management protocols and corporate success earned his company business awards and accolades as one of the fastest growing companies in the United Kingdom.
In 2012, he sold his company and fully exited in 2014 – all before his 40th birthday.
Davie is the first to admit that his road to success was not without challenges. But while he made mistakes throughout his professional evolution, he learned from them and moved forward with wisdom and fresh clarity.
Today, free from the usual constraints that bind so many, he truly lives an extraordinary life.
He enjoys traversing the world and is involved in two new business ventures which he can manage from anywhere – on land or even his yacht – thanks to his laptop and a good internet connection.
Today’s high-tech world offers endless possibilities and unprecedented opportunities to reinvent the way we work. It’s no surprise that people crave more – more freedom, autonomy, adventure, and flexibility to live their lives in a way that is more personally fulfilling.
It is this reality that now drives Davie to mentor, inspire, and support others by sharing what he has learned over the years.
Whether you are looking to build a startup, sell a business, or are somewhere in between, his must-know information, tips, and advice have the power to rewire your mindset, transform your vision, and propel you toward epic levels of success.
In short, Davie is eager to help you “Design Your Destiny” and secure the freedom you dream of.
There’s only one question.
Are you ready to chart a new course and set sail to anywhere your heart desires?